Prairie Parallels

Prairie Parallels

Oklahoma’s Tallgrass Prairie is one of my favorite places to photograph. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they wouldn’t visit there twice. This is where photographic vision comes into play. I find the openness of the place and the quiet (no sound except the wind sweeping down the plain and an occasional bird chirping) very calming. It helps me think out my shots that I want to take. I’ve already pre-visualized on the trip up what I would like to shoot. Once I’m there, the challenge begins – and the fun! There are acres and acres of land teeming with wildlife and wildflowers and an old bunkhouse with a full red tile roof that make wonderful subjects that I enjoy shooting over and over again.

In this photo, the bright red fence line was running completely parallel to the gravel road I was on. Both were teasing me as to what lay over that next hill. I couldn’t wait to jump back in the car and continue my journey through this nothingness I love to photograph.


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