A Flickr contact inspired me to travel to his hometown of Collinsville, Oklahoma, which is just down the road a few miles from where I live.  I had been through there several times, even stopped once for ice cream on a warm summer’s night, but had never really walked around, taking in all of the sights and sounds of this charming small town.  The main street is lined with thrift shops, antique stores and restaurants, all displaying their own array of color, shapes and textures.   These colorful old doors were propped up next to a unique little shop and I almost missed them due to the many parked cars in front of the shop.  The blues, greens, reds and purples seemed to work well together to make a bright, colorful photograph – exactly the shot I’d been looking for.  To me, it screams Collinsville – old, colorful and charming.


My first stop in Collinsville, was actually this old train depot that has been kept up.  This purple caboose was parked behind the building on a small set of tracks, begging me to stop and take its photo.  I liked the way this shot emphasizes the old, weathered feel even though the caboose sports a new coat of paint.


Ahhh…. windows.  They let in light and let us have a peek as to what lies inside.  I love the yellow and green and the way they work together to make this old depot seem fresh and new. 


Toward the end of my walking tour of the town, I noticed this building with “drink” sprawled across the bricks.  Again, I love the contrast of colors, the way the yellow seems to leap off the red bricks.  I think this bricked up structure was daring visitors to stop and drink in all the sights and sounds that this small town has to offer.  And speaking of drink, while you are there, don’t forget to stop in and get a hand-dipped cone or cup of java at Scoops & Grinds.  It’s located in the old bank building.  You’ll see the bright umbrellas outside the front door.  (That’s another photograph in progress!)






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