The Zoo

I took my two younger kids to the Tulsa Zoo today.  It’s a place we go to often and I truly enjoy photographing all the animals.  Although these wild beasts are in captivity, I try to shoot them so they look like they could be out in the wild.  I feel I succeed at this a lot of times, but sometimes those nasty cage bars or the dirty glass just can’t be taken out of the shot.  I haven’t won the lottery yet so an African Safari or a trip to the Cayman Islands is out of the picture…for now anyway.  Good thing the zoo is just down the road – I can shoot to my heart’s content.  Join me as I guide you through our trip today. 


This exhibit has been under construction for about a year.  I am glad it has been completed and I can finally photograph these beautiful Snowy Owls.  Owls fascinate me and I could watch these guys all day long.


This little guy (and he truly is little) is a Dik Dik.  It almost seemed as if he were in awe of what I was doing.  I snapped away and decided that his eyes were the sharpest in this shot.


This monkey is not in sharp focus, but I liked the expression on his face as he ate his lunch.


I love flamingos.  Some people think they are ugly, but to me they are just gorgeous.  I love their pink feathers!  This guy was taking a nap in the shade so I decided to zoom in on his face buried in those feathers.  I like the way the pink contrasts with the blurred green background.


As we were walking along, these bright yellow shirts caught my eye.  I turned and saw all these little kids lined up against a fence staring into whatever was on the other side.  I like the way the trees and foliage frame them in the shot.  The animals are not the only thing that make good photos at the zoo.  I try to keep my eyes and ears open to all kinds of possible subject matter.  When I do, I am able to capture shots like the one above and this next one – a father with his young son enjoying their day out together.


Today was a scorcher so all the big animals that I really love to photograph were either  hiding inside where it was cooler or standing/ sleeping in the shade that was way out of my 300mm lens’ range.  I did not get that perfect shot I was looking for today.  What I did get was quality time with my kids, a few decent pictures that I can share with all of you and some always essential camera practice.  Here’s one last shot of a rather curious Iguana, who just happens to hail from the Caymans.  Happy shooting, everyone!




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