KISS (Keep It Simple Stephanie)

KISS (Keep It Simple Stephanie)

I don’t like clutter. Not in my house, not in my workplace and especially not in my photographs. Clutter drives me crazy.

The saying that more is better is not the case with me when it comes to photography. I’m constantly moving around my subject, trying to get closer, zooming the lens in and out, eliminating unnecessary elements in the photo, especially what may be lurking in the background. I don’t like clutter.

When I was in college, studying photography, my instructors were constantly telling us students, to keep the image simple. Clean lines, strong colors, good composition, etc. Therefore, I have always strived to achieve this. Someone recently told me that they loved this photograph because of the minimalistic approach I had taken to capture it. I never thought of my simple techniques as being minimalistic, but I like the term. And after, reading this comment, I went back and looked at some of my other shots. What I realized was that I am a minimalistic photographer. I keep things simple. I don’t like clutter.

To read more on this approach, click my image. You will go to an article from DPS’s weekly photography tips that I subscribe to. Lots of wonderful simple photographs. Enjoy!


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