Spring Has Sprung

Hooray!  Spring in Oklahoma has finally arrived!  Aside from the occasional daffodil, flowers are blooming and trees are budding, bringing lots of color to this sometimes dry, drab state I call home.  Here, see for yourself……


I found this fully bloomed Forsythia bush in Claremore as I traveled to work.  The lavender porch behind it gives it a nice contrast.  Here is another shot.  I wanted to showcase the contrasting colors and I believe I succeeded.  I really love this one!


And finally, this is a shot of Oklahoma’s state tree, the Redbud.  I have 3 of these in my backyard and right now they are gorgeous!  I’ve been trying to take some nice shots of the 3 of them without all the neighborhood clutter in the background.  And once the wind dies down (which is a rarity around these parts) I will get some photos taken and posted.  But, for now, this is one I took the other evening, showing the buds up close and personal.


I hope all of you can get out with your cameras and enjoy the Springtime colors before they disappear into Summer.  I know I’m going to!

Happy travels!



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