Redbud Bokeh

Redbud Bokeh

Spring is in full swing here in Oklahoma. Everything is green, we’ve started the relentless task of mowing the lawn and we’ve experienced a couple of thunderstorms. My Redbud trees have started their downward spiral as far as blooming goes. They are now a deep purple and will soon turn into green leaves , where just last week, the blooms were a bright, beautiful pink, like this one pictured.

This bloom decided to sprout from the trunk. The pretty pinks in the background are the branches full of blooms thrown out of focus, creating what is known in the photography world as bokeh. Weird word – beautiful results!

I wish my Redbuds would create pink bokeh all Spring long, instead of just a couple of short weeks in April. But, thanks to photography, I can enjoy it any time I want to!

Hope you can get out and enjoy the colors of Spring before they fade away. Happy travels!


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