Phone Pix

Several months ago I got my first smartphone. I didn’t think I would be impressed with the camera on my new Samsung, but I fired off a couple of shots and was amazed at the quality of them. Some of them just as good as those taken with my DSLR.

A couple of weeks ago, the family went to Tulsa for a day of mini golf and I didn’t want to lug my big camera with me so all I had was my phone. This was going to be the true test as I was limited to what the camera phone could actually do. For the most part, I like the results I got with it. I don’t, however, care for the zoom. All the shots I took using it, came out really pixelated and looked weird. Or maybe I’m just getting too old and shaky for handholding a camera. At any rate, I probably won’t use the zoom as much any more.

The following pictures were all taken in Tulsa that day with my Samsung phone. After mini golf, we went downtown to the Riverwalks Park bridge and spent some time crossing it. We people watched and enjoyed seeing the pelicans fish the Arkansas River. Then we jumped back in the car and drove to an old piece of Rt. 66 so I could take more photos. This section of the mother road has been beautifully showcased with statues, flags and a walking bridge across the new interstate. Very cool!


I learned a couple of things on this trip – one, my phone takes pretty good pictures and two, never leave home without my DSLR, even if I have to leave it in the trunk. And, computers are wonderful things until they don’t do what you want them to do – in uploading several of these images, I kept getting an error, so there are only two to view.

Oh, well – Happy Travels!


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