A Rural Observation

While scouring the back roads of Oklahoma, I have made what I call a rural observation.  No matter where I go or what I am doing, if there are cows anywhere in the vicinity, which mostly there are since I travel around the rural roads and there are tons of cattle ranches, I get the same look from them.  It’s not that quiet look of curiosity that a cat might look at you with or the “come play with me” look you get from a dog.  It’s more like a “what the hell are you looking at and why are you pointing that thing at me” look.  I’m sure if I was a street photographer I would get the same look from people.  Which is why I don’t do street photography.

It doesn’t matter where in the state I am or what pasture of cows I might be looking at.  That glare is always the same.  Like this one from Rogers County.

Cows 2

Or this one from Osage County.

Blonde cows 2

It doesn’t matter if they are young calves or old cows.  The look is still the same.

Black calf

After a while, they figure out that I mean them no harm, get bored and eventually go back to the clump of grass that they were grazing on when I happened upon them.  And sometimes, they just walk away.

Long Walk Home

That’s right, cows.  Just keep mooooooving!

Happy and safe travels!


2 thoughts on “A Rural Observation

  1. This is so funny! I thought the same thing when I lived in rural Ireland, though I didn’t care…when I walked past them on my daily walks, I would always chat with them. Irish cows must be slightly more friendly though, because eventually they would see me coming and meander over to the fence and say “hi.” I also had a group of cows next door to my little stone cottage…every weekend the light in the living room would diminish slightly as I was watching the news and I would turn to the window and catch my cow neighbors watching TV too! 🙂

    1. While I was out today shooting photos, the nearby cows actually came running up to the fence to see what I was doing. If I moved, they moved and all of them seemed to want their picture taken. They were wrestling for front and center positions! It was really amusing, but the stare was still the same!

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