My Rocky Mountain High


Purple Lupine

My family finally enjoyed a vacation away from the flat plains of Oklahoma.  In July, we drove to the beautiful state of Colorado to visit family and friends and get a taste of mountain life.  I had been to Colorado as a teenager, but had never been back.  I had always wanted to revisit that state, but never had the means to do so.  My other half had lived in the Denver area for several years before moving to Oklahoma.  He wanted to go back.  Still wants to go back permanently.  I think I could get used to those beautiful mountain views!  Even though that move is a few years away from happening, we often discuss the area we would want to move to.  We both agree that Denver is out of the question.  WAY too much traffic for this small town Midwest girl!  And the other half was completely blown away by how much that area has changed since he left seven years ago.  So we google different areas, seeking out housing prices, employment opportunities and of course those mountain views.  I want to be nestled into those Rocky Mountains so I can look out my window every morning and see snow capped peaks from every direction.  The other half reminds me that the roads leading into Nestleville are slick and dangerous and sometimes even closed in the wintertime.  Killjoy!  Okay, so maybe somewhere with a lower elevation.  Like Boulder, or Greeley.  My dad went to graduate school in Greeley.  He said it is nice.

While the other half and I decide on our next move, I want to share some of my favorite photos that I took on our trip.  And please feel free to express your thoughts on which mountain town we should live out our golden years.


View atop a mountain in Pike National Forest


Peaks in Pike National Forest


My daughter enjoying her Rocky Mountain view in the Garden of the Gods




2 thoughts on “My Rocky Mountain High

  1. We loved Colorado too when we visited. Durango was our favorite but, housing seems expensive and I don’t know what employment is like. Honestly we really liked most of SW Colorado. You photos are beautiful as always!

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