New Roads

Whew!  This has been a busy few months.  Since getting back from Colorado in July, it seems like I’ve been going non-stop with activities.  And the teenagers aren’t involved in any activities!  But, my daughter is going to college next fall so we have been touring campuses, which involved a couple of overnight stays in a hotel room.  We rode the applying for financial aid roller coaster and seem to have lived through it.  Yay!  She took the ACT twice and settled on her first score, telling me that if she had to take it a third time she wouldn’t survive.  She applied to 2 schools and was accepted by both.  Another win!  We are waiting on the financial aid package from her first choice school.  Hopefully, it will be more than enough and we won’t have to go into bankruptcy.  Did I mention she was accepted to the University of Oklahoma?  One proud mama right here!


She also has all these projects she has to do in order to graduate high school.  It’s been fun (for me at least) to go back through all her baby pictures, gathering just the right ones for her mandatory memory book.  But, most of her baby pictures are already in scrapbooks – mine!  So, with the help of a digital camera and our local photo lab, we are able to reproduce her priceless baby pictures without much stress.  Thank goodness!  I have been trying to shoot her Senior photos as well.  Since I don’t have a professional photo studio (because I shoot landscapes, for crying out loud) we have had to rely on the weather to cooperate.  And she has to be “in the mood” to take pictures.  Teenagers!  We are getting there.  I believe I have enough that she has approved to create her graduation announcements.  And I don’t have to pay someone else to do the job that I can do myself. Add  another win!

Even with all the chaos going on in our lives, I have managed to pull off a few short trips down some red dirt roads.


Most recently, I drove to Guthrie, about a 2 hour drive west.  Beautiful country out there, full of hills, vistas and some great old towns.  I had my daughter with me and we stopped in the tiny burg of Olive when I spied this stone church along the highway.


We found the town and while the townspeople sang hymns in church, I photographed old buildings, practicing a religion of my own.  I found the stone buildings in Olive to be very beautiful.  The overcast day added to the rich colors.


Part of the old school.  This wall went all the way around the grounds.


This sits in the middle of town.

I was ecstatic when I came across this old cabin.  I asked at the nearby gas station if they knew anything about it, but neither one of the employees could tell me anything.  As much as I love photographing these old dilapidated structures, it always saddens me to see them in such a state of disrepair. Someone once loved this home, cared for this home and called it home.  Too bad somebody can’t restore it to it’s former glory and make a home in it once again.  I guess we just live in a disposable society these days.


This cabin once sported rock walls


Beautiful old fireplace


Looking through the torn screen in one of the windows

We continued on down the road towards Guthrie and whatever treasures we could find along the way.  I will be sharing these with you in another post, once I get the photos edited.  That’s something else that keeps me very busy lately.  Did I mention that my daughter was accepted to the University of Oklahoma??



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