April Showers

IMG_1139 (Edited)

For the past couple of weeks, the Oklahoma skies have looked like this.  And some days have been worse.  April and May in Oklahoma can be dicey when it comes to the weather.  Luckily, we have escaped the really nasty tornado stuff, but have not been spared the torrential rains.  There have been days where it just poured non-stop for hours at a time.  Last Saturday comes to mind.  My daughter and I drove to Meremac, a small ghost town in central Oklahoma, for a Forgotten Oklahoma Group meet up.  It rained the entire day!  Our adventure was cut short and we were home by 4 o’ clock in the afternoon.

Anyway, all this rain has created major problems for a lot of people in the area.  Dams are ready to burst and gates on a few have been opened, which is not good news for the people living down stream.  Homes have been flooded and businesses lost due to all this rain.  But, there is an upside to this crazy weather we have been experiencing.  It makes for some wonderful photos!


A couple of weeks ago, after Osage County received over 7 inches of rain in a matter of hours, my daughter and I drove over to Blue Stem Lake, outside of Pawhuska.  Other photographers had been posting their pictures of the falls at that particular lake and I had never been there, so was anxious to try out my new Slow Shutter app.  Keep in mind that these falls rarely have water flowing over the rocks, so this was a big deal!

We eventually found the falls and I set up my tripod, attached my iPhone and opened up the app.  I took several photos that afternoon and was thrilled with what my phone produced.  If you are a doubter of the iPhone’s camera capabilities, think again.  When one learns how to utilize the apps, the results are amazing.


Today is the first day in weeks that it has not rained.  But as I sit here at my computer, staring out the window, I can see those huge Oklahoma thunderheads slowly building.  The weatherman said no rain for the next few days, but like my dad always says, “a weatherman is the only job where one can be wrong 99% of the time and not get fired”.  I’m not putting the umbrella away just yet!

IMG_1543 (Edited)

Have a safe (and dry) week, everybody!


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